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Welcome.  I'm glad you're here and ready to improve.  Let yourself grow in relationships whether that is restoring the relationship with yourself, others or within the workplace.  If you're stuck in life's struggles and don't know how to move forward...I'm here for you!

take control of



Do you feel out of control?  Consider these questions:


  • Are you more concerned what others think of you than what you think of yourself?  

  • Lashing out at others inappropriately and not sure why?


  • Do you struggle with depressed days or anxious days and try to hide them from others?

  • Do you get angry and disappointed in yourself more often then you want to admit?

  • Often do you feel you are a child in an adults body?

  • Do you isolate rather than step out to risk doing something you might enjoy?

  • Uncontrollable crying from yourself or others?

  • Ever wonder why you experience painful feelings at times when you don't expect them?

  • Have you tried changing things about yourself or workplace with no luck?

  • Employees acting out behaviorally by not completing projects, gossip or anger toward customers or managers?



If you answered "yes" to 3 or more of the questions above then please take your healing seriously.  You deserve to do more than just "survive" life.  You deserve to THRIVE IN LIFE!! 


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Your Greatest Self.


You are unique in every way. Often we forget that and we try to "fit in" with society or with those around us. Discovering your greatest self leads to breaking free from the cage of what you think you "should" be and finding the joy and peace of who you really are. 

Steffanie Brooks-Aguilar, M.S.


Steffanie, God brought you into my life ..... as I was working through the pain of divorce and childhood brokenness ..... you tenderly listened to me then began to share your experience strength and hope of healing that challenged me to begin to help grow up that fearful inner child within me.





She really tried to get to know us as a couple, gave us great advise and was always on top of her game. 

Sandra & David





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