"....after recovering from a traumatic incident last Wednesday, I decided to write to you with a big "THANK YOU! 

The journey that we had shared the last couple of months have been a blessing and an eye (soul) opening experience. It started with my dear brother in Christ dying. You and I met together and you walked me through "THE"grieving process that I was avoiding. You showed me how through Chris' death, I could start learning to grieve and heal past loses. Specially the loss of my baby nephew when I was just a child myself. Your compassion, your insight into the human soul is a gift from GOD. Recently I had the opportunity for applying the tools you taught me; "Take care of the little girl inside of you", "hear her voice", "love her', "protect her",... I was in danger and instead of doing my normal me reaction (oh, it's not that bad...I can handle it...It's my fault...What are people going to think.........) I listened to that voice inside of me that was telling me - run, find help, reach out to the safe people in your life, love Grace! So I did! I found myself surrounded by brothers and sisters (friends) that offered prayers, company, lunch/dinner and support. I allowed myself to cry and feel the pain without being ashamed of my brokenness.

Steffanie, do you remember Rick"s message (Rick Warren) a couple of weeks ago? The one you had shared with me a few days earlier. You and him talked about the importance of grieving. Now, I can say I have tools to start healing my wounded soul.

I am forever grateful for your love, faithfulness and obedience to our Lord Jesus.



- G.B. in El Toro


"There aren't enough words to express our gratitude towards Steffanie for being our officiant on our wedding day. Due to personal reasons, we decided to have two  ceremonies. Needless to say, it was double the stress with all of the wedding planning. However, when it came to finding an officiant for our ceremony, the only person that came to mind was Steffanie. We are extremely pleased with her services. She really tried to get to know us as a couple, gave us great advise and was always on top of her game. Before, during and after the wedding, she went above and beyond her officiant services and provided support and guidance. She made sure both our families felt comfortable during the rehearsal. On the day of the wedding, she was on top of things, making sure we were on schedule. Especially since the wedding coordinator we had hired was not doing her job. Steffanie stepped in and made sure the timeline was followed and everything flowed smoothly. We are forever grateful to her and can't recommend her enough. She really did an AMAZING job officiating our ceremony and went above and beyond her services on our special day!"

 - Sandra & David M.

           Married May 2013




 "I wanted to express my feelings and experience from the work Steffanie has done with me. It has been life changing for me in many ways. The struggle in myself has been with myself!  I never connected getting to know my inner child with healing that inner turmoil. The way Steffanie explained it helped me see that part of myself.  With talking and doing journaling and an actual excursion with her one day, it was very powerful. I actually now connect with the core issue of being split inside doing battle with myself.

With the work we have done I am learning to stand up for myself and speak the truth with love. I am nurturing and loving myself in a deeply profound life changing way. Steffanie has been given a gift from God to empower me to see myself in a whole new way. One experience which was life changing was standing up to two authority figures who I allowed unacceptable shame and criticism from way too long. She helped me learn to write down my experiences and feelings in a loving but firm way and actually gave me the option of growing by facing this with them. I did it with grace, dignity, and integrity and took my power back.

I knew a chain had been broken of allowing unacceptable behavior in my life....It was a very deep wound from childhood of wanting my Father's love.....I closed down or had anger.  She taught me and challenged me with love, prayer, and her time and support.  I have never had such profoundly life changing things happen to me in a matter of such a short time. I have learned many other tools from her and they are too many to list here or you would be reading this all day! I highly recommend her as a coach and mentor and I will be at her workshop to continue my journey. I love that God gave her this gift to share with the world...!" 



- C.M. in San Clemente




 "Steffanie, God brought you into my life about 3 years ago, as I was working through the pain of divorce and childhood brokenness.........we planned a friendly lunch together one day by the sea......Little did I know what God had planned that day as you tenderly listened to me then began to share your experience strength and hope of healing that challenged me to begin to help grow up that fearful inner child within me. I began to put it into practice.....and I have most recently been reminded to keep those ?'s up once more........What does my inner child need at this time???........and what can I do for her....when FEAR wants to grip my heart again........My recent co-worker issues, that have felt overwhelming at times recently find victory in these questions." 


 - Elizabeth in Pennsylvania

"...Coaching has helped me in several ways.  I have direction for day to day living, goals for my future and today, and someone to lend an ear to hear.  I have enjoyed meeting with my life coach (Steffanie) - she is helping me to be the person that I desire to be...building my character. "

- Wendy in Huntington Beach

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