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Hurts/Hang Ups/Habits


There are many reasons why we may not have the life we wanted or hoped for and most of these reasons come from one place in our heart - the early wounds in childhood.  It is more common today than ever to read about research done that shows how our "Inner Child"  trauma can impact our adult life. 

Authors such as Charlie Whitfield, John Bradshaw and Alice Miller have opened the doors to healing for many that get stuck feeling like a child in an adults body.  Often there is grief inside that was never allowed be felt then resolved.  As Dr. David Allen in his book "Shame" says, "if we don't work it out, we will act it out."

Healing Past Hurts

Reaching Life Goals

Restoring Peace and Confidence

Do you notice if you "act it out" in the ways below:


  • Using busyness, relationships or drugs and alcohol to avoid or numb your feelings.

  • Feel stuck in life and not able to resolve problems in life.

  • Self-loathing episodes of anger or rage that are difficult to stop.


  • Anxiety and/or depression over what others may think about you - whether you know them or not.


  • Inappropriate outbursts of anger or tears that are difficult to stop.

  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness when others push away.

  • Isolation

  • Work hard to "present" yourself as better than you feel. (i.e., perfectionism)

  • Depression more often than not and headaches or body pain.



There are so many other depression symptoms of unresolved childhood grief that are unique to us all.  If you can relate to some of these it is a good time for you to begin a new journey of growth in your inner healing.


I offer awareness and understanding about the developmental process of childhood and teach experiential exercises to work our way back to healing and to get to know our "inner child" while building the adult in confidence and self-acceptance.


55 minute sessions with 5 minute wrap-up.

Call me today for rates.




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