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Relationship Coaching

Identifying Hurts/Build Communication Skills/Navigating Conflicts/Balance Work , Life, Family/Asking For What You Want/Learning What You Need


Do you struggle with negative relationships?

Find yourself consumed by the needs and wants of others?

Overwhelmed by conflict in your life?

Have you lost a loved one?

Lost a job, career, friend or a beloved pet?  

Well, these may all seem very different but we often feel the grief of these struggles and losses in the same way.  Depending on what our loss means to us, we will struggle with our daily functioning for a time.  If it continues and we feel "stuck" in the grief and get mad at ourselves for not "getting over it" then we need help.  

That's when I can help with...


Identifying Core Issues

Reducing Conflict

Building Communication

Teaching Life Skills 

  • Discovering the core of our grief and how it impacts us.

  • Accepting our sadness for the loss and understanding its value in our lives.

  • Identify our symptoms of grief playing out in our relationships.

  • Building a new perspective of our present circumstances.

  • Restoring a sense of self and a peace in life. 

This can be for an individual, couple or a whole family.  I'm here for you to get the support and comfort you need to keep moving in your relationships and grief to find the peace, love and joy you would like to have in your life. 



55 minute sessions with 5 minute wrap-up.


Call me today for rates.


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